Deekshabhoomi, a sacred monument of Buddhism is the place where Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar converted to Buddhism in 1956.Thousands of pilgrims visit Deekshabhoomi every year on the occasion of Ashok Vijaya Dashmi and on 14th October every year. The stupa of the sacred Deekshabhoomi was designed by famous architect Sheo Dan Mal. Construction of the stupa started in July 1978, but it took a long time to finish. The stupa was opened to the public in 2001 after a formal inaugration by the then President of India Dr. K. R. Narayanan. Design of the stupa at Deekshabhoomi is inspired by the architecture of the world famous stupa of Sanchi. Unlike the stupa of Sanchi, Deekshabhoomi stupa is completely hollow from inside.